It can happen if you have a weapon in the first slot as well.

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The M4 is also a common drop among Shadow Company and Tier-3 Al Qatala soldiers, meaning you do not need to sacrifice your Insured Slot in order to use it.

The Insured Weapons feature allows players to bring their loadouts into DMZ.

Do the missions. Call of Duty: DMZ Subreddit! Check out our Discord if you’re looking for players to play with, keys, or just. .


Extracting with cash and valuables will help speed-up the cooldown on insured weapon slots. Currently all DMZ bundles have 15 minute cool down but for a specific weapon. .

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To unlock the second slot, you have to complete tier three missions of all three factions in the game, i.

Start tuning and leveling up the weapons. Do you want to know how to reduce the recovery time cooldown on your insured weapon slots in DMZ Warzone 2 Call of duty.

Makes no sense at all. Should be enough for 2 weapons to go off cooldown.

Do the missions.
We unlocked our 2nd insured slot on the last day before the last mission reset and now we finally unlocked our 3rd insured slot together! This is The Way 😊.


Yeah you can.

Actual-Reputation360 • 1 mo. I do 1-2 rounds of gearing up and drop the cash into dead drops. Had a mix up in a pile of ground loot weapons and ended up with my insured in the second slot.

When I exfilled, my insured went contraband and on cooldown. You only start DMZ with one insured weapon. . . Everyone starts with an insured weapon slot, which isn’t really enough to always have a gun during Warzone 2 DMZ matches if you die often, especially with the 2 hour cooldown mentioned in the previous section. You won't lose an Insured Weapon if you die in Warzone 2 DMZ without exfiltrating, but there is a cooldown period.


Nov 22, 2022 · How to unlock insured weapon slots in DMZ? Initially, only one insured slot is available to players. .


If you die while in the DMZ, the slot will enter a cooldown, and you can’t.

Insured weapon slot two is unlocked by completing the third tier of missions for every faction in DMZ.

Start playing a different style.